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Jue 29 Sep 2011, 01:13 por Shabnam

Jue 29 Sep 2011, 01:11 por Shabnam

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Mar 17 Mayo 2011, 05:01 por Shabnam

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Vie 25 Feb 2011, 21:48 por Shabnam

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Coth Uin Guruthos
Fallos de ISengard

Jue 29 Sep 2011, 01:13 por Shabnam

Rise of Isengard - Known Issues


Some of the 4-set bonuses for �Silent Knife� and the �Gambler� trait lines are duplicating and showing up in the 5-set bonuses as well.


Calenard Riffler of Hope is not removing Movement Speed debuffs when the skill �Prelude of Hope� is used.

Monster Play

Blackarrow: When �Feel The Burn� is traited, additional damage from �Tangleshot� is doing common damage.
Defiler: �Blight� DoT damage is unaffected by damage corruption traits and the �Battlefield Promotion� passive skill. Additionally, the DoT damage never crits.
Defiler: Graphical representation of the �Blight� skill does not match the size of the skill�s created hotspot.


Dunland: Tusks of the Boar: Cancelling the wrapper quest does not exit the instance.
Dunland: The Battle of Dol Baran: Being defeated in the instance revives you in Enedwaith.
Dunland: Rise and Fall: Leaving before speaking to Lhucu forces you to restart the quest.
Annuminas: Haudh …

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Jue 29 Sep 2011, 01:11 por Shabnam

Of Special Note The Rise of Isengard Expansion is here!

New Skirmish traits!
Skirmish traits will be able to rank up to the new max of 35 (up from 25). As with previous ranks, the higher level you are the less expensive all ranks will be. For greater challenges, all Skirmishes will be able to be set to up to level 80! Players will be able to earn new marks in Skirmishes and Classic instances over level 66. These “Fourth Marks” have new loot to purchase at all the Skirmish vendors, including the next tier of relics

Tier 7 crafting!
There are a whole slew of new recipes available to players. We’ve also made a number of improvements to profession advancement. We wanted to provide a more …

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Video de Isengard

Miér 06 Jul 2011, 04:49 por Shabnam

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LOTRO Europe: Transition to Turbine. A LA MIERDA CODEMASTERS !!!! BIBAH! BIBAH!

Mar 17 Mayo 2011, 05:01 por Shabnam

LOTRO Europe: Transition to Turbine

Dear XXX

We would like to make you aware of some very important news concerning The Lord of the Rings Online™(LOTRO) in Europe.

As of June 1st, 2011, Turbine will be taking over full operations of The Lord of the Rings Online™ throughout Europe, merging the US and EU services into one global service.

As part of this transition, Codemasters Online will continue to operate the European LOTRO service until 31st May when the existing European players will begin the migration to Turbine's global service.

More information on how to make the transition will be made available closer to the time however, in the meantime, please see the FAQ posted on www.lotro.com for more details.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over the last four years. It has been a pleasure and an honour providing this service to you and we hope to see you again soon.

With warmest regards,

The Codemasters Online Team.

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Volume 3, Book 3 Crafting Update - Legendarias de la primera edad!

Vie 25 Feb 2011, 21:48 por Shabnam

Update 2 will soon be here, and we cannot wait to tell you about all of the new crafting-related updates and features! This update introduces new tutorials for all crafting vocations, redesigned crafting progression-gating quests, improvements for the Metalsmith and Tailor professions, some new recipes and also a surprise.

Crafting Vocation Tutorials
Starting out, crafters can find themselves full of bewilderment, wondering how they should begin their journey towards mastering each craft profession. Well, be confused no more! We’ve introduced brand new crafting vocation tutorial quests to guide you along your first steps of the path!

Mistress of Apprentices offering introductory crafting tutorial quests to a Historian

After choosing your vocation, the Master or Mistress of Apprentices now offers three tutorial-style quests, one for each crafting profession. These quests are designed to provide basic information such as how to gather/obtain resources, how to navigate the crafting panel and how to execute recipes to produce your very first crafted item.

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Legendary Item System Revision

Jue 24 Feb 2011, 02:55 por Shabnam

From the initial release of the Legendary Item system there have been many players that wanted more control over their Legendary Item’s Legacies. With Mirkwood, we responded to these concerns with Pool A/Pool B legacies that reduced the randomness of Legendary Items. However, there was still the possibility of getting Legacies that mismatched a player’s style of play, wasting all the effort spent acquiring the Legendary Item. This new system revision will give a player almost complete control over the Legacies -- if a player is willing to invest their time.

This control is given by Legacy Replacement Scrolls; these scrolls can be acquired through the deconstruction of a Legendary Item that has the desired Legacy. The Legacy Replacement scroll can then be used to replace a Legacy on any Legendary Item.

Legacy Replacement scrolls have several restrictions:

* The Legendary Item to be deconstructed must be at least Level 30 before a player is given the option of extracting a Legacy.
* The Legacy to be replaced must be from the same class as the extracted Legacy. No moving Hunter legacies onto Guardian Legendary Items.
* The Legacy to be replaced must be on the same type …

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Cambios en el panel por el outfit!

Miér 16 Feb 2011, 04:33 por Shabnam

Ahh, the good ‘ole Character panel; I think it’s safe to say that over the years it’s turned into a bit of a rat’s nest. The changes started off innocently enough: “Players will love this Cosmetic Inventory system. Where do we put it?” “Hooray, housing is in! Where should we put the housing information?” “Now that we’ve converted a lot of our stats to points, where should we display all of the new stats?” Inevitably, the answer would always be, “Let’s just put it in the Character Panel.” While this did make the Character panel a one-stop shop, it also made it more convoluted and thus more difficult to navigate for newer players.

During Free-to-Play development, one of the many on-going initiatives was “Accessibility.” This was a bit of a catch all for things like the revamp of the Newbie experience, Character Generation, and also the Character panel. Amlug and I worked together on the original spec and came up with several core goals:

·Find a way to condense the stats into “Basic” and “Advanced” groups so as not to overwhelm players with stats that aren’t immediately relevant.
·ie; Does a new player really care about their “Tactical Critical Hit Avoidance”?
·Update the tooltips …

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Adios al Radiance!

Miér 16 Feb 2011, 03:14 por Shabnam

A Good Idea

Radiance was supposed to be a statistic that had both appeal and function for players. We wanted to not only itemise this statistic, but also tie it into skills and deed paths. We wanted to provide players with more character customization and differentiation as they moved into the upper portions of the game. Further, by tying Radiance more intimately into the progression of the character, we wanted to remove strict gear dependencies and provide a more encompassing and meaningful statistic for characters. In essence, the idea of Radiance was a large and inclusive statistic that provided players with something functional and inherently desirable to their character.

The intent was there. The desire was there. We knew what we wanted to do and we knew that it was not a bad idea.

Poor Implementation

As you can see, our intentions were good. We wanted to do something new for the game and not create a new grind mechanic that ultimately resulted in running the same content over and over to acquire a “key”.

Somehow, this is exactly what we ended up making. None of us were pleased.

How could something like this happen? If intentions were so noble and the idea was so sound, …

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Bullroarer Release Notes: Update 2 Echoes of the Dead 2-9-11

Sáb 12 Feb 2011, 04:46 por Shabnam

The following release notes apply only to the Bullroarer Test Server. All changes and updates listed are subject to change before being released to the live servers. These release notes should be considered incomplete and subject to change at any time.

Note: Update 2 is currently in a beta state. You may find a number of systems and items are not working as intended or prone to instability. Many items, areas, and systems have not received a final balance pass. Please keep this in mind.

Of Special Note

Radiance Removal
We’ve heard your feedback! The radiance system has been removed from the game. A developer diary detailing the system, its goals, and the reasons for its removal will be released in the coming weeks.

High Value Armour no longer Sellable
Based on player feedback, armour sets obtained from Raids can no longer be sold to vendors. If you want to remove these items from your character you will have to manually delete them by dragging them out of your pack and into the main screen. The 'Classic' Armour sets obtained from Skirmish barter vendors are also updated to not be sold at vendors.

Map Home is now a Skill
Players have suggested we make the Map Home a skill …

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