Volume 3, Book 3 Crafting Update - Legendarias de la primera edad!

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Volume 3, Book 3 Crafting Update - Legendarias de la primera edad!

Mensaje por Shabnam el Vie 25 Feb 2011, 21:48

Update 2 will soon be here, and we cannot wait to tell you about all of the new crafting-related updates and features! This update introduces new tutorials for all crafting vocations, redesigned crafting progression-gating quests, improvements for the Metalsmith and Tailor professions, some new recipes and also a surprise.

Crafting Vocation Tutorials
Starting out, crafters can find themselves full of bewilderment, wondering how they should begin their journey towards mastering each craft profession. Well, be confused no more! We’ve introduced brand new crafting vocation tutorial quests to guide you along your first steps of the path!

Mistress of Apprentices offering introductory crafting tutorial quests to a Historian

After choosing your vocation, the Master or Mistress of Apprentices now offers three tutorial-style quests, one for each crafting profession. These quests are designed to provide basic information such as how to gather/obtain resources, how to navigate the crafting panel and how to execute recipes to produce your very first crafted item.

Crafting tutorial quests help new players learn the fundamentals of their profession

Completing each tutorial awards the newly-enlightened crafter with some ingredients to use as they wish. A special vocation title is awarded for completing all three tutorials in each vocation, so be sure to see each one through to the end!
Veteran crafters take note: If you wish, you may visit any Master or Mistress of Apprentices and go through the tutorials for your chosen vocation and claim the new title as your own.

Revised Crafting Progression-gating Quests
The road from Apprentice to Supreme is full of challenges for all crafters: Finding rare ingredients, obtaining critical success, locating superior facilities, completing unnecessary progression-gating quests...

Wait, scratch that last one! We've made changes to all crafting progression-gating quests in an effort to streamline the experience and impart useful wisdom at important moments in your crafting career. Here are the major revisions:

We’ve removed many instances where crafting progress was halted due to a progress "lock" requiring quest completion. Profession-specific hints with useful information will now appear upon completing proficiency for any given crafting tier. The result is fluid crafting progression throughout all tiers of each profession.

New tutorial hints provide more detailed information

We’ve added new quests to Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker vendors. These new quests guide players who have completed Journeyman proficiency to a Master or Mistress of Craft Guilds, which allows the player to choose from the available guilds.

Novice Scholar vendor offering a quest

We’ve also removed quests that previously provided access to the Artisan tier and/or to a specific Superior Facility Access trait (where applicable). Often these quests required obtaining a quest item that may or may not have been easily accessible to the player, depending on their level and profession. In their stay, we’ve added new quests that simultaneously unlock Artisan tier and grant Superior Facility Access trait. These new quests focus on crafting items and abilities already familiar to the player.

Quest panel displaying one of the new quests

Metalsmith & Tailor Profession Improvements

Continuing right along with profession improvements, this update brings a large double-feature! Metalsmiths and Tailors will find that we've made significant changes to virtually all light, medium, and heavy crafted armour recipes. With all-new stats for crafted armour, multi-output upgrades for many existing armour recipes and some much-needed recipe consolidation, there's a lot to discuss.

Similar to the previous improvements for jewellery and weapons, Metalsmiths and Tailors will find that most crafted light, medium, and heavy armor pieces made after the update have been totally redesigned and rebalanced. This change affects virtually all crafted light, medium, and heavy armor, including all of the racial variant armor (Dwarf-make, Elven, Westernesse, & Bree-land.) All of this translates to a ton of new choices for users of crafted armour - here's a small sample:

New light armour

New heavy armour

It is important to note that no existing crafted armour pieces have been changed. If you are using or storing any crafted armour pieces, they will remain exactly the same as before. Only new armor pieces created after the update will have the new stats.

In addition to the above changes, many Metalsmith and Tailor armour recipes have been upgraded with multi-output functionality! Armour crafters will find they now have many new options available when creating equipment for themselves and others. Each of the following examples exhibit a variety of armour that can now be made from a single recipe:

Stat variations amongst different pieces of level 25 light chest armour

Stat variations amongst different pieces of level 25 heavy chest armour

Adding multi-output functionality made it necessary for us to consolidate many existing recipes. This change helps reduce clutter and improve organization in the crafting panel. It also makes for better recipe distribution in the treasure system, decreasing the frustration of hunting down a specific armour recipe.

So what does recipe consolidation mean for the Metalsmith and Tailor? The most important thing to note is that all racial variant armour recipes are no longer accessible and have been removed from the game. To be more specific:
*All unused racial variant armour recipe scrolls have been removed from inventory and treasure
*All learned racial armour variant recipe entries have been removed from the crafting panel

And there's no need to worry about appearances: All of the unique visual designs found amongst the various Dwarf-make, Elven, Westernesse, and Bree-land armour variants are still readily available! The armour pieces that could previously be produced by these recipes can now be made using the multi-output functionality of the remaining armour recipes.

New Recipes

As usual, we like to give you a head's up on new recipes coming in this update. Here's the official list:
*New “Book of the Wind-rider” & “Book of the Whisper-draw” recipes (Hunter)
*New Cooked Food recipes
Craft Guilds (all)
*New level 65 1st Age Weapon & Class Item recipes

What's the Surprise, What's the Surprise?!
Well, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if we told you, now would it?

Oh, you wanted a hint? Alright, here it is:


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