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Fallos de ISengard

Mensaje por Shabnam el Jue 29 Sep 2011, 01:13

Rise of Isengard - Known Issues


Some of the 4-set bonuses for �Silent Knife� and the �Gambler� trait lines are duplicating and showing up in the 5-set bonuses as well.


Calenard Riffler of Hope is not removing Movement Speed debuffs when the skill �Prelude of Hope� is used.

Monster Play

Blackarrow: When �Feel The Burn� is traited, additional damage from �Tangleshot� is doing common damage.
Defiler: �Blight� DoT damage is unaffected by damage corruption traits and the �Battlefield Promotion� passive skill. Additionally, the DoT damage never crits.
Defiler: Graphical representation of the �Blight� skill does not match the size of the skill�s created hotspot.


Dunland: Tusks of the Boar: Cancelling the wrapper quest does not exit the instance.
Dunland: The Battle of Dol Baran: Being defeated in the instance revives you in Enedwaith.
Dunland: Rise and Fall: Leaving before speaking to Lhucu forces you to restart the quest.
Annuminas: Haudh Valandil: There is a chance that Shingrinder will fall off the bridge when using ranged attacks, resetting the fight.
Eregion: School at Tham Mirdain: Chests are not dropping gear, only barter items.

Legendary Items

The tooltip and Legendary Items panel does not properly update Tactical Damage Rating when points are refunded.
Captain: �In Defense of Middle-earth� legacy scroll applies the �Words of Courage� pulses legacy.
Relics: Remarkable Rune of Power is missing its Tactical Offence statistic.


Dunland: Trum Dreng: The quest "Let Us Follow Them" must be immediately turned into Guto after completing the quests "The Village Burns," "Slain Stags," and "The Wounds Must Be Staunched." If it is not, Guto will phase out and the player will be stuck.
There is an issue that may cause NPCs not to appear in the world, even if you meet the pre-requisites to see them. If this occurs, run in a straight line away from the NPC for around 45-60 seconds. Then, wait 20 seconds and then run back to where the NPC should be. This should cause the NPC to properly load in the world. Please note that teleportation and logging in/out will not cause the NPC to appear; you must physically move away from them.
Dunland: Bone Quarry: The NPC Ilar may not appear to turn in the quest, "A Glimpse of the Fall." If this is occurring, make sure you have completed any pre-requisite quests that may have to do with this NPC...
Dunland: Pren Gwydth: �Mean Old Big Bloodtusk� does not complete if Bloodtusk is killed away from his den. Make sure to kill him directly in front of his den to get the quest to complete.
Annuminas: Haudh Valandil: �Challenge: Valandil and Dolvaethor� will not advance after defeating Valandil and Dolvaethor.
Misty Mountains: Helegrod: Challenge quests for Drake and Giant wings reward a Helegrod Mark instead of 3 Superior Fourth Marks.
Trum Dreng: The "Quests in Trum Dreng" deed cannot currently be completed, as Trum Dreng only possesses 36 quests, not 37 as the deed states.


Dunland: Heathfells: Defeat in the Pit of Iron area will transport players to Nan Curunir.
Dunland: Isendale: Cuvnerth, Athdar and Brontrig do not have POI flags on the map.
Enedwaith: Enedwaith�s map does not include a visual representation of the entrance to Draigoch�s Lair.
Treasure: Tier 2 Cook recipe scrolls are incorrectly dropping off of some level 66-75 humanoid monsters.
Due to a technical issue we have had to disable the spawning of certain lootable items � chests, backpacks, corpses � on landscape within Dunland, The Gap of Rohan, and Isengard. These will be restored in an upcoming patch. These items do not impact quests or progression in any way.


Leather Gauntlets of the Hill-watcher incapacitate the wearer if they proc on last blow while sparring


/jazzhands and/read animations are causing other emote animations to work incorrectly.

Graphics & Videos

All videos currently play in English for those players using the French Client.
Volume 3, Book 4 (German client): Book 4, Chapter 3: Halbarad has English voiceover.


Plugins that call the inventory will cause the LOTRO client to crash. Disabling these plugins will let the client run normally.


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