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Mensaje por Shabnam el Miér 10 Nov 2010, 18:17

Hi all, Ransroth here. I’m a Game Systems Engineer on The Lord of the Rings Online. In [url=http://community.lotro-europe.com/news.php?search=yes&keyword=&pagename=news&type=Dev Diaries&id=10776&type]Dev diary[/url]

Chest Separators and renaming chests
Instead of one long list, the main view is now broken out into chests, each with its own name and header. You can rename a chest to anything you like by double-clicking it, right-clicking it, or clicking the “Rename” button.

While editing the name, hit to confirm the new name or to cancel editing. You can also use the Submit and Cancel buttons that appear on the right hand side.

Chests that don’t contain any items are not shown. To rename a chest, you will need to place at least one item into it.

You can use drag and drop to rearrange items between chests – dragging an item from one chest to another will move it to that chest, and when depositing items from the inventory or shared storage, dropping an item on the chest will move it there.

Chest Tabs
Instead of the “Chest” dropdown menu, there are now tabs on the right-hand-side of the window. Clicking on a tab will show only the items in that particular chest.

You can drag and drop items onto a chest tab to move them to that chest.

Icon Only View
You can now choose to view items in “Icon Only View” – where the text is not shown, or to view them with the text:

The Vault and Shared Storage windows are now resizable both vertically and horizontally, displaying as many items as will fit.

Context Menu improvements
Right-clicking on an item in the Vault still allows you to send the item to other chests, but now lists the chests by name.

There’s also a new option that allows you to set the filter for the panel to only display items of the same type as the clicked item. If you’ve already restricted the view this way, the option will change to allow you to show all items again:

Opening the Shared Storage and the Wardrobe
There are new buttons at the top of the Vault, Shared Storage, and Wardrobe panels that open the other two panels. This means you no longer need to go back to the Vault keeper’s panel to open your other storage options.

Automatic Sort
For many items, there are much better ways to sort them than alphabetically. There is now a new kind of sort: the “Auto” sort. This sort automatically groups similar kinds of items together, and sorts them within the groups in a smarter way than alphabetically.

For example, IXP Runes will automatically be arranged by kind (level 60 first, then level 65), and then by the amount of IXP that the rune will award:

Legendary Weapons and Items are sorted by the player’s class, then rarity, then minimum level to equip, then item class.
Crafting ingredients are sorted by profession, then tier.

Anything that doesn’t fall into one of the special categories will be sorted by rarity and item class:

Show All Items
There are several ways to filter the view to display only some of the items in your Vault. You can select a particular chest, a part of a name, and also filter by type. We’ve also added a “Show All” button that allows you to quickly clear all filters and just show all of the items in the Vault.

While not specifically a Vault change, you’ll find there’s a new keyboard shortcut that can be customized in the Options panel. This new shortcut will clear all filters in the active UI panel. This shortcut works in a number of panels, including the Auction House. There is no default key or mouse button mapped to this shortcut. You’ll need to assign one before using it.

Improvements to Stack Management
We’ve improved the way stackable items are managed in the Vault and while moving items between various storage locations.

You can now hold while finishing a drag and drop between various windows in order to bring up the split dialog.

You can use this method to split your stacks while dragging between the Vault and Shared Storage, and between the Vault and your inventory.

Double-clicking on a stackable item in the Vault will now merge it to any existing stacks in your inventory

Dragging a stackable item from the Vault over a partial stack in the inventory will fill the stack in the inventory and deposit the rest of the item back to the Vault.

Stack Management, Auto-Merge and Chests
The Vault automatically merges partial stacks of the same kind of item together, so that there’s only ever one partial stack of a particular item. This has unexpected implications for the new Shift-drag features if you keep stacks of the same item in different chests.

Say you have a partial stack of 60 planks of Ash in the “Wood” Chest and a full stack of 100 planks of Ash in the “Crafting” Chest. If you use Shift-drag to withdraw 70 planks from the stack of 100 into the inventory, the remaining 30 planks will get merged with the 60 and move to the “Wood” chest:

With the same initial setup, if instead you withdraw 55 planks, the remaining 45 will also merge with the stack in the “Wood” chest and you’ll end up with a stack of 100 and a stack of 5 in the “Wood” chest.

We always put the newly combined stack into the same chest where the partial stack was before the operation.

Vault UI opening performance
We changed the way the Vault UI is loaded to make it much faster – when you first talk to the banker, the UI will open right away and show a message that it’s loading the items. Once the items are loaded, every subsequent access until logging out that character will be instantaneous.

Future Directions
When coming up with the list of improvements that we’d like to make for the Vault, there were several that ended up not being feasible in the time that we had. We would still like to implement these, if possible. These potential improvements may include the ability to manually sort the Vault, the ability to detach a Vault tab into its own window and more general choices for the filters. Each one of these would take a significant amount of work to implement, so we will be looking at the user feedback for the new Vault as well as other development priorities when deciding when / whether to implement them. We look forward to hearing what you think!


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