bugs y exploids extraido del foro oficial

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bugs y exploids extraido del foro oficial

Mensaje por Shabnam el Lun 08 Sep 2008, 13:36

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Exclamation The active use of exploits or bugs
Dear fellow gamers,

We have recently noticed an increased number of exploit attempts and bug using, etc. it is time to announce a clear rule that will keep everyone from exploiting these bugs in the game code.

Without going into detail about the exploits/bugs, we want to point out that this behavior is fraudulent and violates the Code of Conduct that each player read and accepted while installing the Lord of the Rings Online client.

Whether it is in instances, in normal PVE or in the PVP, it is against the rules to utilize exploits or otherwise gain an advantage over other players. The use of exploits/bugs has an enormous negative effect on game play and gaming fun.

Every player in LOTRO has the opportunity to be successful because everyone has the same capabilities and, in the interest of every player, this equality should be protected.

As your GMs, we are intent on keeping the game play and experiences in the worlds of LOTRO fun for everyone and for this reason we plan on enforcing the following rule with regard to exploit attempts.

If you get caught exploiting a bug in the game or if another player reports you, we will immediately destroy all objects and rewards the player gained while abusing the exploit and we will issue a strong warning.

Repeat offenders are immediately banned. The duration of the ban depends on the damage caused by the exploit attempt.

A third strike will result in a permanent ban from the Lord of the Rings Online community.

Of course, it is also the nature of the game itself that bugs can have unexpected consequences, and we are working every day to resolve any errors that could result in future exploits/bugs so that the known bugs will no longer exist.

We hope that everyone at Lord of the Rings Online agrees with this rule, since this ensures equal opportunity and benefits the entire community.

Grüsse +Bodogar / SeniorGM


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